Fundación Músico Ambulante

Fundación Músico Ambulante is a non-profit charitable unit that raises money and awareness to help Homeless Street Musicians in Mexico
And hopefully around the world .
The Purpose is to generate funds through Industry sponsorships , private donations benefit concerts and charity auctions .
The intention is to distribute the revenue to the most needy in a direct manner Most Charitable orgs have created huge administrative expenses just to run the Organization .
What ever is left over is what gets distributed . A very small amount compared to what was collected initially .
FUMA intends to cut the middle man out and distribute directly to those who need it .
The concept is simple , collect donations , distribute every penny .We are calling out to all working Musicians who have been fortunate to have succeeded highly in their craft , to donate some playing time at the benefit concerts FUMA will be organizing . Or donate Items for Auction .